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ဖောက်သည်များနှင့်ကုမ္ပဏီများအတွက်အပြန်အလှန်အသံတုံ့ပြန်မှုအပေါ် Visual IVR ၏အားသာချက်များ



If you have ever dealt with the customer support of a large company, you are pretty familiar with how Visual  IVR works. In a typical scenario of a company that uses an Visual IVR, a caller is first greeted by the Interactive Voice Response system.

After the greeting you are asked to choose from a series of prompts (e.g. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Promotions, etc.”). After pressing about 4-5 different buttons you are lead to the queue for a customer support specialist. By this time you have already spent about 2-3 minutes on the phone and if you are lucky enough, you won’t have to wait long till someone picks up the phone.

But, most probably, your will have to listen to the company-defined music over and over again and hear how import your call is to them till you give up and hang up the phone with frustration and no answers to your questions.

The good news is, that you don’t have to feel this way every time you need some information about a company or its offerings.

Visual IVR is a technology that allows the customer connect to the company and get all necessary information and support on go, by simply navigating through the menus of a mobile app.

advantages of visual IVR

  1. Better routing, Omnichannel experience
    Because customers are used to navigating through mobile apps, it is easier for them to find information anywhere, at any time. Moreover, it will be easier to rout them to the right specialist when they are stuck, as you will have their browsing history and will already know how to help them.
  2. Faster issue resolution
    Collecting customer’s navigation information before connecting the caller to the agent dramatically cuts down on call handle time, which makes your customers happy and your support agent more effective.
  3. Fast access to necessary information
    The enhanced self-service functionality enables the customers to manage their own accounts without any wait at all. They can pay their bills, update their profiles or reach the most appropriate departments simply by choosing their preferences.
  4. Eliminate the necessity of speech recognition
    With visual IVR system you do not need to speak to the robot to get the required information. You can get all the necessary information by navigating through the app. The advantages for clients are obvious: they can get the support they need no matter where they are and how noisy it is around them, they can use the mobile interface they are already used to, instead of having to speak to a robot and they can easily go back and forth in the menu.
  5. Less calls, higher efficiency
    By building sophisticated self-service app you can resolve customer issues all within the Visual IVR session, reducing the number of calls coming in to your agents. Fewer offices, less equipment and reduced staffing allow you to control expenses without sacrificing customer support.


Author: Starphone.mobi

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