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In effective business management and growth, the 2 most important goals of marketing are to obtain new customers and to keep the old customers returning back to your business.

The channels that a business can use to reach out to the customers have been changing through decades. First, there were banners and posters, then TV ads, phoning, followed by internet ads and social media.

Taking into account the current developments in the IT, it is safe to say, that Visual IVR can be added to the list of marketing channels and here is why:

  1. Visual IVR helps you business better understand your customers - Currently, customers want more and more personalized experience with businesses, based on their interests and preferences. When using your branded visual IVR app, the user navigates through multiple screens, searching for the answers to their issues or questions. You, as the business owner, have access to the browsing history of all your users at any moment. Having that data, you can analyze the most common requests or issues, related to your product and improve your offers based on the received data.
  2. Use Visual IVR for surveys - Want to launch a new product or service line? You can use the visual IVR interface for surveys to understand if your ideas or improvements are really necessary and to get feedback from your potential users on your offer specifications.
  3. Visual IVR to help you gain new customers - When entering a new market, an average business spends a lot of time on researching the market and finding the right channels to communicate with their target group. With Star Phone visual IVR, your business will be listed in a mobile application, used by millions of people all around the world. As a result, whenever these users want a service your business offers, you will be on the top of their screen and they will be able to easily get in contact with you.

Visual IVR is revolutionizing the customer support experience for both companies and users, but the optimized costs and faster response time are not the only advantages of Visual IVR systems. It can be easily used as a marketing tool to help you gain new customers and increase the customer retention rate, without increasing your marketing costs.


Author: Starphone.mobi

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