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Visual IVR service expands the possibilities of call center



Call centers have become the essential part of many companies. If a company fails to provide good call center service, it will likely lose most of its customers.

But it is a fact that people remember visual information better than other kinds of information. While providing customers with a convenient menu driven interface Visual IVR can benefit the contact center in numerous ways.

It will improve the customer experience and reduce delays which are the main reason of complaints. Improved experience proves that the company has a strong customer focus.

Here are the top benefits of Visual IVR for companies and their call centers:


Less Customer issues, fewer calls

Interactive self-service assistance will help you to deal with less customer issues and reduce number of calls coming to your call center.

More efficient call center service

The customers that can’t find the needed information with self-service assistance can connect your call center at any time. When the connection is made, callers will automatically be directed to the most appropriate and qualified call center specialist who will not transfer the call to another one. And the result will be the increased call center service efficiency.

Collect more information of your customers

With Visual IVR you can find information about the data your customers entered, the steps made via self-service menus, what they searched and many more. By doing so, customers won’t have to repeat information and it will also help you to fully understand their needs.

Improve your company’s professionalism

If your resources are not enough to have more departments and employees, you can configure your Visual IVR menus the way that will allow users to find what they want. So you use the Visual IVR system to be in touch with your customers in a very professional way.

Satisfied customers

Visual IVR system will allow your customers to search and find their own queries without even speaking with a call center specialist. Saving your clients’ time is one of the best services you can give.

Also, when your Visual IVR is informative and easy to use, customers will be satisfied. And it’s the most important thing in business.

Reduced operational costs

Visual IVR system can replace your customer service specialist who answers calls and gives information about your services. So you don’t need to have more employees and spend much money on them.


Author: Starphone.mobi

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