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7 Tips for building an Effective Visual IVR system

Client's Satisfaction is the primary key of every successful business. So build you…

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Application of Visual IVR to enhance the customer experience

For a company to achieve its goals it is important to keep and grow its customers.

It’s an undeniable fact, that customers are the ba…

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Visual IVR service expands the possibilities of call center

Call centers have become the essential part of many companies. If a company fails to provide good call center service, it will likely lose most of…

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Visual IVR marketing tool

In effective business management and growth, the 2 most important goals of marketing are to obtain new customers and to keep the old customers retu…

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5 advantages of Visual IVR over interactive voice response for customers and companies

If you have ever dealt with the customer support of a large company, you are pretty familiar with how Visual  IVR works. In a typical scenario…

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One Smart Star – brings your business contacts points together

Phone numbers, emails, SMS, Facebook, website or address, are all these your business contact details? Where and how do I find it all? Well, you&rs…

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