Visual IVR solutions for Shipping & Transportation

In the shipping and transportation industry, timing is everything. And as a company transportation industry, you need to keep constant contact with your customers, to ensure them their orders are being processed. Star Phone visual IVR system can provide high-quality service across every point-of-contact with the customer while managing costs.Visual IVR can be used for simple and repetitive inquiries and save up your support team’s time for more complex sales or support tasks.

Custom Visual IVR sevices for TRANSPORTATION system

Hundreds of stylish templates

Pick a Visual IVR template fit for your business to save time on development and start editing based on your requirements.

Convenient editor without programming

Customize one of Star Phone Visual IVR templates, drag and drop blocks to add menu levels and change colors to match it to your brand.

Mobile version

Create a Visual IVR solution that will be available for your customer wherever they are on their smartphone device.

Professional support

Get access to high quality support from our dedicated professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With visual IVR builder, it will take you only several minutes to create a fully customized solution tailored to your shipping and transportation services. Star Phone system can work as a receptionist for your shipping & transportation company and provide all the necessary information to your customers with no cost at all.

The system can be programmed for various actions including:
  • Provide transportation schedule information
  • Provide bus/train route information
  • Provide package tracking information
  • Provide information about carrier rules & regulations
Create your Visual IVR now

Higher response rate for customers with visual IVR

Our clients about this service

Private business

Handling a lot of clients can be a very challenging as you have to make sure that you are able to respond to all their requests. StarPhone is a great app that helps our business stay in touch with customers 24/7 and answer all their requests with no extra effort.

Rebecca Stewart

After I started using the Star Phone app along with the Smart Star number, my leads have increased dramatically. And the g…

Robert Gonzalez

Great app! So far it has never failed me. Great help for big companies with users all over the world. App localization cou…

Simply Becky

Very simple interface and very easy to set up your Visual IVR solution. I wish I knew about this app earlier. It saves me…

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