One Smart Star Visual IVR phone number

Use one short and easy-to-remember number to help your customers connect to your company no matter where they are. An easy to remember One Smart Star Number (OSSN) (e.g. ✱2265 / ✱BANK) gives your customers the simplest way to connect to your business, via Landline & mobile phone, fax, email, SMS, Post, Courier & Visual IVR.

How does it work?

  • Customer downloads Star Phone Visual IVR app to the mobile phone.
  • When dialing your company phone number or a * 4-digit code from the phone dialer, your designed Visual IVR page will be loaded.
  • They will be able to browse through the menu defined by you and get all services from you right from the app, if necessary.

This integration is achieved through existing features of the modern switching systems, combined with specially developed software applications and a software database.

Visual IVR for fast calls

Star Phone is a unique and completely customizable Visual IVR solution. Consumers can simply dial the One Smart Star Number or the regular phone number on any smartphone device and a company’s mobile app will be shown on screen with multiple options and menus to choose from. Companies can include limitless level of menus as needed such as company information, branches, navigation, location, chat online, current promotions, videos, department contacts, emails, website and social media and more.

Star Phone short or regular phone number for various business directions

Our Visual IVR solution can be used for pretty much any industry to solve any issues related to customer interactions and support. Use it for promotions, payments, purchase information, etc.

Available in 77 countries

One Smart Star Numbers have boosted individual and multi-branch businesses from Florists, Pizza & Taxis to Banks, Auto Dealers, Car Rentals and Government Agencies. They all report an average 20% growth of traffic within 3 months. Our services are available in 77 countries, so do not miss your chance to join the community of successful businesses with happy customers.

דוגמה: * מקדו (* 6236) מקדונלד'ס

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