Visual IVR system benefits for business

Our simple to use system will help you grow your business and cut your costs, increasing your brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. 82% of consumers say speed of service is the number one factor to a great customer experience. No matter how small or big your company is, it is hard to keep up with the increasing number of customers’ requests, as your user-base is growing. You are forced to spend more on support, hire more people, and still, your customer satisfaction rate is decreasing every day. The answer is simple: Visual IVR, that will keep your business at a hand’s distance from your customer 24/7, wherever they are and whichever language they speak.

Best Visual IVR Solutions for small business

Visual IVRs are no longer a luxury afforded by big companies that receive thousands of calls per day. Star Phone toolset will help you create a system customized to your business needs, customer requests and company information. The advantages of having Visual IVR integrated in your small business are multiple, starting from customer satisfaction rate and increase in conversion rates, ending with cost-efficiency and simplified operations.

Increased first contact resolution

With Star Phone, your customers will be able to get answers to their questions faster, without spending any time in the queue, with simple interactions with your branded application. They can navigate through the menu items defined by you in advance and get the information they were searching for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they reach a point where the automated Visual IVR cannot help them, a call will be routed to the right agent.

Increased customer service efficiency

Star Phone allows companies to easily handle high customer inquiry level. Your customers will be able to find information they are looking for simply by navigating through the app. When a call is routed to your agent, they will have the issue in front of them, which will make it easier and faster.

Reduced operational costs

Another advantage of Start Phone is cost. By offering automated access, you do not have to invest as many resources into call centers. Fewer offices, less equipment and reduced staffing allow you to control expenses without sacrificing customer support. Our Visual IVR can replace receptionists and customer service agents for mundane routine tasks and free their time up for more important tasks.

Increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

Star Phone system provides benefits not only for the companies, but also for the customers. With traditional phone-based support, callers must go through an endless series of hurdles in order to receive the help they require. Progress is usually impossible unless they first connect with a live operator which can sometimes take time. With Star Phone users can manage their own accounts without any wait at all. They can pay their bills, update their profiles or reach the most appropriate departments simply by choosing their preferences. Improved customer satisfaction can have a powerful impact on your company’s bottom line.

Our clients about this service

Private business

Handling a lot of clients can be a very challenging as you have to make sure that you are able to respond to all their requests. StarPhone is a great app that helps our business stay in touch with customers 24/7 and answer all their requests with no extra effort.

Rebecca Stewart

After I started using the Star Phone app along with the Smart Star number, my leads have increased dramatically. And the g…

Robert Gonzalez

Great app! So far it has never failed me. Great help for big companies with users all over the world. App localization cou…

Simply Becky

Very simple interface and very easy to set up your Visual IVR solution. I wish I knew about this app earlier. It saves me…

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