Visual IVR system benefits for Your clients

Star Phone provides benefits not only for your company, but also for your customers, helping them get accurate information about your company and services without waiting in line, listening to boring menu options and without having to remember your long and impossible to memorize phone number.

Fast access to necessary information

With Star Phone Visual IVR, users can manage their own accounts without any wait at all. They can pay their bills, update their profiles or reach the most appropriate departments simply by choosing their preferences. Improved customer satisfaction can have a powerful impact on your company’s bottom line.

Increased first contact resolution

Using visual IVR you can connect your customer to the right specialist, without requiring them to repeat the same story over and over again. With our tool, the customer will go through the menus appropriate for their issue. If Star Phone menu navigations cannot help your user in finding information they are looking for and they still need to talk to one of your support specialists, they do not need to remember a long and confusing phone number. Instead, they can simply dial a short code in the app and your support specialist will be connected to them with readily available information about the issues your client is having.

Eliminate the necessity of speech recognition with visual IVR

With our system you do not even need to speak to the robot to get the required information. You can get all the necessary information by navigating through the app. The advantages for clients are obvious: they can get the support they need no matter where they are and how noisy it is around them, they can use the mobile interface they are already used to, instead of having to speak to a robot and they can easily go back and forth in the menu.

Make them feel like a local anywhere they are

No matter where your business is, your customers can access your branded application on their native language, search for information, locations and ask questions without any waiting time on the phone line. Communicate with your customers the 21st century way: fast, easy and on-the-go.

Our clients about this service

Private business

Handling a lot of clients can be a very challenging as you have to make sure that you are able to respond to all their requests. StarPhone is a great app that helps our business stay in touch with customers 24/7 and answer all their requests with no extra effort.

Rebecca Stewart

After I started using the Star Phone app along with the Smart Star number, my leads have increased dramatically. And the g…

Robert Gonzalez

Great app! So far it has never failed me. Great help for big companies with users all over the world. App localization cou…

Simply Becky

Very simple interface and very easy to set up your Visual IVR solution. I wish I knew about this app earlier. It saves me…

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