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7 Tips for building an Effective Visual IVR system



Client's Satisfaction is the primary key of every successful business. So build your Visual IVR the way to meet the expectations of your customers, as if it’s poorly made, it can cause disappointment and negative experience.

In order to avoid last situation, here we have collected some quick tips for you to create a better Visual IVR making your customers' experience enjoyable and pleasant.

  1. Your Visual IVR must be simple and easy to use

    It must be pleasing for an eye to see. Don't embarrass users with too many menu options when they search for the needed information. It will make them lose patience.

    Make it simple. Avoid having too many menu levels or unnecessary submenus. Don’t hide the information in deepest places.

  2. Do some research and monitor customer behavior

    Just think from customer’s side. Try to understand their needs. Look their records through Visual IVR. If most of your users use it to make purchases, then the first and most visible option must be “buy” or “make payment” buttons.

    Bear in mind - Your Visual IVR must reflect your customer preferences not yours.

  3. Have your brand

    Your image, your values and goals must be precise. Just ask yourself - What is my Brand? What are my future plans? What I’m going to offer? Am I different from others in business?

    If you have the answers, then show them clearly in your Visual IVR.

  4. Personalize your Visual IVR

    We all know that treating customers like they are the only one will ensure their loyalty.

    Try to set up your Visual IVR system to identify your customers. You can personalize its menu options based on both their previous interactions with you and information provided by them. This will show your customers how valued and important they are for you.

  5. Don’t forget the call option

    Yes. Your Visual IVR must be designed to address your customers’ issues. But don’t forget the human factor. Maybe someone has a question or can't find the needed information.

    Always leave the option for them to connect to your call center. And remember-Nobody likes being unanswered.

  6. Visual IVR must be up-to-date

    Your customers want to have the latest information about you, what you do or what you offer. Make your Visual IVR relevant and up to date.

    It’s so frustrating for customers to find old and outdated information when searching for something new.

  7. Test and review before deploying it

    Don’t forget to test your Visual IVR system before making it public. Self review is the best way to understand and identify the shortcomings. Optimize the design, menu options if needed. When everything is clear, understandable and easy to use deploy it.

    And then, after it, the best journey with your customers is waiting for you...
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